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Sleep– If you are searching for a good night’s sleep, your search is over! You will leave this session rested, relaxed and in control of your own ability to sleep.

Stress Relief – Stress affects your health and happiness more than any other influence. In this session, you will learn relaxation techniques and how to take control of your stress triggers.

Nail Biting = Stress

Hair Pulling = Stress

Fear of Needles = Stress

Fear of flying = Stress

High Blood Pressure = Stress

Smoking Cessation – If you come into this session ready to quit, you will leave as a non-smoker. Start today enjoying all the aromas and tastes you have been missing.

Pain Relief– Learn methods you can use on your own to change the way your mind processes pain. Whether you have chronic pain from an injury, or over use, or even a migraine, you will learn to view pain a discomfort and discomfort as a slight pressure.

Weight Management– With the guidance of our master hypnotist, you will find it is easier to select healthier foods in smaller portions. You will actually start to enjoy eating again, knowing you will make the right choices.

Hypnosis for Golf – Golf is 90% mental, and most people do not give much attention to their mental game. With hypnosis, you will train your mind to have total control, focus on the game and master the game of golf. Hypnosis is the perfect medium for teaching the golfer self-awareness, self-confidence, concentration, relaxation and consistency.

Regression Hypnosis – Whether you wish to explore your past or unlock your past lives, this hypnosis experience could be the key to your future. The stories that are uncovered in this session could bring understanding and meaning to your present day life. Regression has helped many people resolve issues and get past “stuck points” that were resistant to other approaches. It’s a fascinating way to experience other aspects of yourself and your personality.

Sports Enhancement– This session will teach you to increase your ability to concentrate and focus on the techniques of your particular game. Whether you are a tri-athelete or a weekend warrior, you will learn to clear your mind of distractions and focus on the game.

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All sessions are $130.00 unless otherwise specified

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